Ultrasound from 20€

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Breast ultrasonography allows for the detection of even subtle deviations in the structure of the glandular tissue and the ducts of the breast, simultaneously offering a view of the condition of neighboring tissues and lymph nodes. This diagnostic method proves beneficial not only during the initial assessment but also during post-operative monitoring and recovery.

At Medirade, an opportunity for consultation is provided after the breast ultrasonography examination, where the patient is thoroughly informed and can receive individualized recommendations and instructions.

Indications for breast ultrasonography include:

  • Women under 40 years of age, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, where ultrasound serves as the primary imaging method.
  • For the diagnosis of identified tumors and cystic formations, detected by clinical palpation.
  • In breastfeeding women, in the case of complications associated with inflammatory processes.
  • In the presence of complications related to silicone implants.

Appointments for breast ultrasonography can be obtained at Medirade, either by phone or through online booking. A specialized physician with expertise in the field performs the sonographic diagnosis.