Ultrasound from 20€

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ultrasonographic diagnostics
of the musculoskeletal system
of the abdomen, thyroid
blood vessels and breasts

Quick appointments without waiting

Certified doctors regularly
participate in training events
both domestically and
book an MRI examination
at cooperating clinics
Possibility of consultation of
brought imaging documentation

what is USG?

How is the examination carried out?

Preparation before the examination?

Result from the examination

USG of neck


Dopplerography of the vessels of the upper limbs


USG of the upper abdomen


Radiological consultation


Our specialists

Dr. Vladimir Neuschl, PhD.

Co-founder and director of Medirad Medical Radiology Center, with 25 years of medical experience in radiology.

Dr. Peter Babel

Doctor and radiology technician with many years of experience in radiology.

Dr. Lucia Arpashova

Radiologist, 25 years of experience in the field. Member of SRS and ESSR.


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